In my life time I have seen a couple of very gifted clairvoyants but in all honesty none of them come close to Anna’s extra -ordinary gift. Without any information at all from me, she was 100% percent accurately spot on on several issues, even able to tune in to what I was eating at the moment and where I worked! Simply amazing…

Needless to say, her insights dissolved age-long anxieties and gave me lots of confirmation about what I had already sensed in several respects. It was the best reading l’ve ever had to say the least.

There is a lot of light and lightness to be sensed about her person and this made me feel very safe with her during the reading, not to mention the kindness and love in her voice.

So glad I found her during a random online search!

Thanks Anna…keep the light aflame!


Anonymous Nigeria July 18, 2016