I’ve been going to Anna for a number of years and won’t go anywhere else because Anna is very accurate about my current and future events. Anna has an uncanny knack for picking up events that are troubling me at the time of my reading and describes events that recently occurred to validate to me that what she is reading is accurate. I tell her nothing at all and yet each time she immediately and with amazing accuracy identifies the events, the gender of the people, their motivations and even their names. After building this foundation, Anna then provides me with guidance on the future by describing events, people’s behaviour/motivation and my actions and outlook. All of this without me saying one word to her – Amazing! I’m so grateful for her help, insight and information that has helped me deal with very challenging and uncomfortable situations with people I work with. Anna also includes guidance on my health, fortune, employment and happiness as she sees them during the reading. All have been accurate. Anna’s abilities include providing psychic guidance over the telephone or via sms text messages. Again, without me saying or sending any information to her. If you’re looking for an authentic, genuine, true psychic – book an appointment with Anna, you won’t be disappointed!


Jenny J Canberra, Australia January 29, 2016