Wow. Incredible.  Anna has read to me twice now and has given me very accurate readings. Every reading is different but may include some of the same things (which isnt bad).

I have chosen both times a text reading and i just love being able to sit in my home receiving spiritual guidance from this lovely lady. I also prefer texting as sometimes with phone calls i get bad signal or reception.

I would definitely do more readings with Anna and definitely for a lot longer as i noticed the longer she reads to you the more information can come through.

Some of the photos I had sent through were people of ” the living” and she managed to read them and give me quite a lengthy background to these people.

She gets names spot on. Initals. Numbers. Future holidays events. She knows exactly how im feeling and what im going through.

Its Amazing what is truely out there and what people can actually see.

Sometimes in life you just need some guidance or maybe seem curious as to what might be coming.

Anna, Thankyou.


Melissa Brisbane, Australia January 16, 2017