Anna is a truly spectacular Psychic Medium reader. I have booked many sessions with her and will continue to do so.

Her reading ability is profound. In my booked sessions I find I don’t need to ask her questions on what I want to know, as she answers them before I even ask. 

Many of her predictions have come to life and so I find myself ticking them off my list.

As they unfold I find this most exciting. Her readings cover many topics as I find she delves deep and so incredibly detailed. I have had readings in the past, but they don’t even come close to the ones I have with Anna.

Her phone sessions are delightful, insightful and spiritual. Her warm energy and enthusiasm come through when we speak on the telephone.

If you haven’t already had a session with her then you are missing out.

Highly recommend.


Sarah C Brisbane, Australia August 16, 2016