Anna's readings are incredibly accurate and her psychic abilities are amazing. I came to Anna seeking guidance and direction. After the reading I felt a huge sense of relief and clarity. Highly recommended.favicon

MC Australia


Anna's psychic abilities are amazing and incredibly accurate. I came to Anna feeling confused, indecisive and filled with self doubt. She provided me with answers, clarity, guidance and the faith to trust myself in order to move forward in my journey.  After my reading with Anna, I have a more positive perspective on a situation that has significantly impacted my life. I am now confident in the decisions I have made and in the direction I am heading. Anna's reading had a great affect on me, helping me ease my anxiety and calm my thoughts and emotions that were running crazy. Without her I would still be feeling lost.favicon

Maree Brisbane


Thank you for the most genuine and accurate reading-You are a very gifted lady and your respect and appreciation,for this gift shines through in your readings-highly,highly recommend.favicon

MC Brisbane


I can't believe how precise Anna is.  She has made me look at myself in a new positive way and really enlightened me with regards to my children and my relationship with them.

She even knew about the blocked drain under my unit the day before.

Very special lady.

Thanks Annafavicon

Susan Brisbane


Your reading was accurate on so many levels, I have kept the notes on the parts I wasn’t sure about and will keep thinking about them.

I will definitely be contacting you again.

Thank you so much.favicon

Louise Australia


Anna has read for me a number of times now.  I return to her not only because she is truly gifted but also so generous with her time and spirit. The calm and caring way she provides guidance is quite remarkable.  Recommendations to friends and family members have only confirmed Anna’s abilities further.  Thankyou so much for today and simply for being you! favicon

Lyn Wilston, Brisbane


Last night I had my second reading with Anna & she tuned in very accurately to my current situation concerning a relationship, my home & work. It's difficult to put into words the effect it had on's like a cloud of negative & unhelpful worry has lifted. I feel like I can move out of stagnation & get back on with things again, having faith that my situation is gradually improving. There were many references to people, places & events that haven't taken place yet, which I have taken note of & will look out for in the future. The way that Anna read so accurately about my past & present gave me a great deal of faith that her insights for the future would be equally credible. I was in a situation where I felt like I wanted someone to affirm my own reading with Anna achieved this & it has given me a boost.favicon

Adrianne Australia


I had three readings with Anna and each time not only has she cleared my doubts but has picked on unsaid things very precisely. She is truly gifted and her timing is amazing. She is very patient while answering questions and very helpful. Thank you Anna

PS: I would like to strongly recommend her.favicon

Satnaam Australia


I had two readings with Anna and each one of them had been tremendously accurate. Thank you Annafavicon

Satnaam Australia


When I first searched for a medium on the internet, Anna immediately stood out from the crowd. There was something about her that felt genuine and sincere, even though I had never met her before. I know there is a lot of skepticism about clairvoyants because there is no physical proof that can be shown, but Anna was able to convey specific details about the past and present issues to a number of unfolding events.

I cannot begin to explain how amazing the entire experience working with Anna was.

Anna has a very special gift, and one that can help people beyond measure and I truly thank her for sharing that gift with my family and me as this has helped us immensely.favicon

Jo Brisbane


Anna is a very gifted psychic.. I have had two readings with her and she was able to identify and describe the situations and people accurately in both readings 🙂she has told me many things about me that was spot on including friends and loved ones... She has helped me and given me the best advice in both my relationships and life path.. I will continue to be in touch with her and will recommend her services to others in need of guidance 🙂😇🙂favicon

Nina Brisbane


I gave you 5 stars 2 years ago. You deserve 10! Thankyou for the reading yesterday. The most strongest and accurate reading I have ever had. Much love to you. ❤🕊favicon

Melissa Brisbane


Thank you again for my phone reading the other night. I have had three readings with you now and each time you have been so accurate tuning into my concerns regarding my work and personal situation. The other night you honed in so quickly on what I was concerned about with my work situation and I was blown away that you picked up on what is quite a complex and unusual occurrence happening at work. Your reading gave me so much peace of mind hope for the future. You also picked up on a number of other things that were spot on.

Thanks again Anna, you have an amazing gift.favicon

Michelle Australia


I just wanted to again thank you for your time and support today. I was dealing with so many emotions and I had trouble processing. You were able to provide the most accurate of answers to where I am at in my life at the moment. You are a beautiful gifted soul and I am very grateful for the guidance that you have provided me with this year. I also wanted to say how accurate your guidance is, you know things that no one could possibly know. Thank you Anna! You are amazing!favicon

Laura Brisbane


Thank you Anna for providing great psychic services and made me feel positive and clear about my future prospectives.

I love the way you brought up the facts and my connections with people around me from my past , present and future.

I will be again booking next appointment soon with you Thanks heaps Love Sh.favicon

Sh. Australia


I have had numerous readings with Anna when I am at crossroads or needing some encouragement in a particular area.  Her readings are accurate – often highlighting names or actual dates that will occur in the future.  Anna seems to be having direct conversations with her guides as she pauses and collects the information to transfer to you.  I recommend her readings to many others and they have likewise found them invaluable.

The only problem, I find them addictive, and I would love to have one every week!!

Thank you Anna for sharing your talents with us – you are incredible.favicon

D.Lee Brisbane, Australia


Amazing is an understatement. Anna is really good at what she does. She was able to recall my past and she gave me clear direction for the future.  At the end of the reading I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend a reading with Anna.favicon

FB Australia


I have had my second reading which included a pet reading with Anna..

Anna is so accurate with names and dates... She also tunes into everything to do with your work... With me she was so accurate with what was happening around my work place.. Also gave me insight to the people I work with.. Anna also described my dogs and their habits, including their unusual habits. It was so amazing... Even the pets that have passed.. Anyone who is thinking of having a reading needs to contact Anna,  I am very certain that you will not be disappointed..favicon

Vicki Brisbane, Australia


Anna is one of the best psychic. She is spot on everything. I was quite surprised about things and names she was picking up because they were all related to me. I would like to say thank you to Anna as she was so generous with her timings. I felt bad how she went well over the booking time but Anna, you are really great. I will recommend Anna to anyone who wants insight.favicon

SG Perth


Thank you Anna,

For clarity, validation and guidance in my reading. You have a great gift and glad you helped me, show me the things I needed clarity on, and explain to me what I needed to hear.

Thank you dearly, you are amazing.

Look forward to having another reading in the future.favicon

Dan Australia


Anna Was just Amazing.. She was able to pin point on subjects and names..and personal matters..without much of a sentence other than me just saying Hi.. Got a reading via messenger...and even took the time to ask if i had questions..and brought up my relatives that had passed...with real true details..and messages that made total sense..

Anna is an Angel..I promised you..she will help you out of your confusion and or darkness... Thank you Anna your gift is a True Miracle..if i didn't changed that today..Thank you Thank you! May god continue to protect you and keep u safe for many more years times to come.favicon

Anonymous Canada


Just had an insightful reading from Anna. She picked up everything from relatives that had passed, lost jewellery and personality traits of family members and pets, along with clarity to a few questions on my mind. Would recommend.favicon

Cat.F Australia


Anna’s reading was very accurate....,Would definitely recommendfavicon

Rick Brisbane, Australia


This lovely lady is most brilliant psychic that has ever read for me.  The reading i had with her was very accurate.  Anna also names dates.  Anna also is quite accurate on distant relatives that you have less contact with and the messages from people that have passed are very accurate especially with events with issues that has happened years previously.  I would recommend Anna to anyone who is considering a reading...she clarified a lot of issues i was struggling with..  There is also future predictions..i will be looking forward to this and will see what happens with the future predictions...favicon

Vicki Brisbane, Australia


Anna you are amazing yet again! Picked up on personalities of 2 people in my life and their motives. Also had contact from my grandfather and the ladybug reference omg! I have a photo of my grandad and granma of me and a ladybug cake that sprang to mind after the reading.

Anna picked up on a pet I lost recently - his personality and character was exactly how he was.favicon

Kerry Western Australia


I always find the readings by Anna exciting and very informative. Without asking any questions, Anna delves deeply to give accurate information on past occurrences and future happenings. I have a huge sense of  comfort when loved ones from the otherside come through with personal messages and signs to show they are still around us. I have had many readings , but none come close to what Anna's gift provides. She is a genuine and amazing reader. You can really feel her devotion and assistance throughout her readings.

Better off having a session than not!!!!favicon

Sarah Brisbane


I have just had an hour reading with Anna yesterday omg she can pick names dates accurately she is pretty amazing and has a special gift I recommend anyone wanting a reading give Anna a call you won't be disappointed.thanks heaps Annafavicon

Fran Brisbane


I have enlisted Anna's assistance on many occasions now. Anna's accuracy is what keeps me coming back. I've even been warned about things before they have happened. There are so many 'psychics' advertising; Anna is at the top of her field. This is one of those cases where you get what you pay for.


LT. Queensland, Australia


Anna has an incredible gift.

I have used her on two occasions now, and will continue to consult her in the future.

The information she has provided to me is mind bogglingly accurate.

I am not a religious person, but she has made me and my family aware of our loved ones who have passed on.  She has made us aware of their ongoing presence and how they guide us through our lives.

She has provided so much information re our everyday life, our family, our business and future events.

Absolutely amazing

She is a rare and amazing talent.


NJB Australia


I have been to a number of Psychics over the years looking for answers during the dark parts of my life and what was holding me back, however it wasn’t until I made contact with Anna that I found all the pieces to the puzzle.

Anna gave me the initials of people past, present and future that were so spot on it was ‘uncanny' - and in my future reading Anna gave me the initials of people coming into my life, and honestly, in the last couple of weeks these people have come into my life and my future has been unfolding as Anna told me.

I don’t know how she knows all this, but she put a light at the end of a dark tunnel, which has taken away the stress and anxiety from my life.

Now I have literally seen happening what Anna told me falling into place around me with the initials of people she told me about.

There is nothing worse when you’re feeling lost and alone and unsure of which way to turn, however Anna seems to know how to unlock the answers.

I’ve not been overly impressed with a lot of Psychics I have gone to before, but with Anna I began to see things unfolding as she said they would.

don’t know and have never met Anna, however I wish I had found her years ago to gain the clarity and peace of mind I was looking for in my life.

All I can tell you from my experience: Anna delivers more than110% and would recommend you see her amazing ability for yourself.

Trust me – you won’t be disappointed with a reading ever again!


Mark Victoria


One month ago I had a reading with Anna I found it truly amazing and very accurate.  Some of the predictions for the future are now starting to unfold My daughter also had a reading and her reading is also very accurate.

Anna I think that you have an amazing gift.  Thank you for sharing that with me


Diane Australia


Wow is all I can say – from the moment Anna started speaking, it was apparent that she was being fed information directly.  Her delivery of information is clear, delivered with confidence and definitely felt as though Anna had inside help.

She was on the money, instantly and her offering of letters and in some cases full names was spot on.

My situation was described perfectly and she not only told me of what had happened but what was coming up.

She summed up surrounding relationships and described the people in my life accurately.

I am already planning another reading because it was amazing.  And I am telling all of my friends – everyone I have spoken to has been blown away with her accuracy.

Thank you Anna – you’re amazing.


DL Australia


I have had several readings with Anna over the last year and a half and have got to say Anna is truly amazing at what she does it just blows my mind on how she can pick things up and nothing is face to face. Anna's readings have been helpful and with the things that have happened spot on! Today's reading clarified a lot of things for me and I can't thank Anna enough. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone who need clarification in their lives.


B.M. Australia


I was fortunate enough to find Anna at a time of disconnect and disharmony in my life. I had the email reading and I have to say the accuracy and relevance of her reading still blows me away! She tapped into my energy instantly and knew more about what was going on in my life within minutes than anyone around me has worked out in months. Her gifts are genuine and astounding! Anna provided me with great insights into my present situation and my future. I feel a great sense of peace and momentum to move forward with my life now. I will recommend Anna to anyone and everyone I know, she is an exceptional woman!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Anna!


Jaliesa QLD


Over the years I have been to a few psychics but Anna you would have to be on top of the list. You did an amazing reading for me a couple of weeks ago. I was blown away by everything you mentioned particularly about problems I had just gone through including the accuracy of names. I don’t know how you see and know so much but I am glad you do as it offers a little hope and guidance when things look a little dark and you are wondering if things are ever going to get any better. I would highly recommend you to anyone going through a rough patch and about to give up as you put a light at the end of the tunnel which totally makes the now a bit easier, and that not only gives you peace of mind but takes away that terrible feeling of anxiety that cripples us and stops us moving forward. Anna you’re the Best, again many thanks!


M Brisbane


It is with great pleasure that I express my gratitude toward Anna and her amazing gift in providing me with the much needed clarity and guidance I have been seeking for some time now. Anna's abilities and accuracy is without doubt the best I have been blessed to experience.

I highly recommend Anna, and am very happy and proud to say that I will be returning to Anna for guidance in the future. Thank you xox


Daya Australia

KL 🙂

Hi Anna

Wanted to send you a message to day thankyou for sharing your wonderful gift in helping others using your psychic abilities. Without any names or other information - just a few photos you were able to tell me things about my life and of those around me very accurately. Things that I have never told anyone else also were brought up in the reading.

I have had many readings over the years from many readers and you are only one of a handful that are truly gifted with your accuracy in past, present and future events. I wholeheartedly reccomend a reading from you to anyone seeking answers and guidance in their journey through life.

Thanks again Anna & Spirit Guides


KL 🙂 Western Australia


I just had a reading from Anna, she was very accurate with what she had to tell me. She picked my son's name and that he was going for a new job out of 3 people he was the one that got the job. Her predictions are spot on. She picked that my house was for sale and that it would sell within 4 weeks and it did. If you are thinking to have a reading from her you should.


Maria Brisbane, Australia


It's all about the timing 💜Anna thank you so much for your genuine,honest reading.  You are a truly gifted soul and there is no doubt you have a very special group of Angels and guides working with you. Your accuracy is nothing short of amazing. I can not recommend this beautiful lady highly enough 💜💜💜


Meg Australia


Anna is an incredible reader, she is truly gifted. She is very accurate and specific. To date all of her predictions have come true. I will not see anyone else. She has such a lovely nature and is so generous with her time. I look forward to my next reading.


Maria Australia


Sometimes finding answers to your questions don’t always get found from within.  So that is why I rang Anna.  Today with several decisions to make and needing to find peace on a couple of life challenges, I found my reading with Anna to be informative, assisted in what decision to make and bought peace to me knowing changes are on the way.  She was very accurate with Names and Dates and things that had or were occurring in my life.  I will definitely call again.

Anna THANK YOU for your Peace giving Guidance and professionalism.


Anete Brisbane, Australia


Anna is amazing with her readings I have had two email readings and even when not face to face she was able to pick up on things known only to me.  I was so impressed with her first reading that a while later I decided to purchase another one and I was not disappointed in fact amazed once again at what she was able to pick up on.  Incredible and I would highly recommend Anna to anyone wanting any type of reading.

Truly a pleasure and so quick with her responses.  Thank you Anna


Gemma Australia


Anna saved me, Anna picked up on everything that i was questioning and needed clarity on, my reading was so on point everything was so accurate and the most help i could ever had in this time of my life. Anna is so gifted i would recommend to everyone. Anna was so warm easy to talk to and will definitley love to do another reading.


AJH New Zealand


Thanks to Anna, I have had really important questions resolved. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. Doing all my homework and understanding so much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx


Charli Australia


Anna's reading was amazingly accurate. Would recommend and not hesitate to return.


E New Zealand


Anna, thankyou doesn't seem enough, you are genuine and sincere in your readings.  I felt secure and supported throughout.  By taking your time to ensure i was ok is your point of difference, what a beautiful nature you have.

I will forever be greatful for your commitment to assisting myself in a time of need.

I am healing because of your gift.  Thankyou forever.


Anonymous Australia


I just got a reading done by Anna, I was blown away by her accuracy. She told me things that were going to happen and things that have happened and it was all true. She is the real deal and the best psychic medium I have come across. You got a gift, if you get a reading done by Anna you won't be disappointed and will be money well spent. Good job Anna.


Anonymous Brisbane, Australia


Anna was so prompt and provided such professional service. She offered me detailed and insightful information, which gave me clarity and confidence during a time when I felt confused and unsure. I have had readings before, but never something so accurate and easy to make sense of. I thoroughly recommend Psychic Guidance by Anna.

Thank you Anna


A.S. Australia


Wow. Incredible.  Anna has read to me twice now and has given me very accurate readings. Every reading is different but may include some of the same things (which isnt bad).

I have chosen both times a text reading and i just love being able to sit in my home receiving spiritual guidance from this lovely lady. I also prefer texting as sometimes with phone calls i get bad signal or reception.

I would definitely do more readings with Anna and definitely for a lot longer as i noticed the longer she reads to you the more information can come through.

Some of the photos I had sent through were people of " the living" and she managed to read them and give me quite a lengthy background to these people.

She gets names spot on. Initals. Numbers. Future holidays events. She knows exactly how im feeling and what im going through.

Its Amazing what is truely out there and what people can actually see.

Sometimes in life you just need some guidance or maybe seem curious as to what might be coming.

Anna, Thankyou.


Melissa Brisbane, Australia


I have just had a reading from Anna and found her to be so accurate in the things she was telling me what amazed me the most was how she could actually pick names it sent shivers down my spine I will recommend if you haven't had a reading do so you will be amazed .


FBF Brisbane, Australia


Thank you for the reading today Anna - You were exactly spot on with the scenarios you described. I feel so much more confident in my decision knowing the information you shared. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


CD Australia


I want to say that the reading you gave me was amazing and so spot on. You have validated my feelings and helped me to understand why I am having so many doubts. The  guidance you have given me on how to deal with the issues at hand has helped me feel so much stronger and in control of my life again.

Thank you so much


Julie Townsville


The best psychic reading I've had. I've had a reading from Anna twice already and will definitely be speaking to her again in the future. No questions asked, she is able to accurately tune into your energy and reveal information that would be impossible to know otherwise. The readings I've had have been incredibly accurate. Anna is uplifting, supportive and understanding. I trust Anna immensely. I am truly blown away by the amount of information she has given me and also her ability to affirm traits in my character. Her predictions have been spot on each time. Will definitely be recommending Anna to everyone looking for a reading.


Kristen Australia


I want to say how spot on you have been again Anna. It was really amazing and whatever dates you gave last time, was really spot on. I was myself shocked when these happened on the dates you have predicted.

I will call you back without any doubt.


Seema Perth, Australia


Anna has a true gift that has helped me to validate the questions, hurt and anxiety over things that I was unsure of. Anna has guided me into a more clearer and positive approach at situations which has been very helpful in understanding things better and put things into perspective immensely and has yet to prove me wrong as she is very spot on with what she says. I highly recommend Anna for guidance.


Anonymous Australia


You are very gifted Anna, I am feeling uplifted and revitalized after receiving a thorough and accurate reading. thank you so much, I will be in touch xo


Nicole Australia


The gift of “sight” is a gift from God.  Anna has truly been gifted with the ability to connect with your loved ones, to advise you things that have happened in your past that are affecting you today and to advise you of things coming up in the future.  I have had several readings (and have gifted other folks readings by Anna), this time she was even better than the last time she read for me.  I am in awe and can only give her the highest recommendation.  She is one of the best psychics I have ever utilized.  I WILL be calling on her again!


Lori USA


Anna was very accurate, I enjoyed every reading. Im so glad I went through the reading with anna, she was very helpful and gave me clarity. I recommend her 10/10.

Thanks Anna for your time and help.


H.N Sydney, Australia


Anna is an amazing lady with a lot of insight. Accurate as well as understanding, Anna is able to guide you in a positive direction.


Rachel Australia


Anna once again you have used your remarkable gifts to assist me in my life's pathway. Your readings are so accurate and the truly compassionate and kind way you share information is very special. Always totally professional it is an enlightening and positive experience each time you read for me. Thank you so much.


Lyn Australia


It felt so nice after talking to you. You are really spot on and I was amazed and surprised by the things you bring in our talk. I want to have more talk with you in the future.

Thank you so much.


Seema Perth, Australia


Anna's abilities are incredible! I had my first reading with Anna in May of this year 2016 and I have been able to cross off the things she predicted as time unfolds from information that I gathered during our telephone conversation. Today I had another detailed, precise and informative reading from her where she was also able to tell me where I need to personally improve certain aspects of myself in order for me to move forward. I have had questions regarding my new business and she was able to tell where I am at now and what will unfold for me in the future - exciting times ahead! I started the reading with a large degree of anxiety and now as I type this review it is no longer there. I will be recommending Anna to my closest friend's to help offer them clarity with their life decisions & questions.

Thank you Anna x


Amanda Australia


Once again, Anna has been able to help me through a very trying period, with her amazing gift, the clarity and accuracy of which I find very rare.

She remains highly recommended!

Remain blessed


Maryanne Nigeria

Colin W

Anna provided the perfect guidance when helping with some issues I needed to overcome.

The details in which Anna pinpointed every aspect of my problem and provided the right timing and solutions has given me hope for the future, they will help me to map out my life for years to come, Thank you so very much Anna


Colin W Australia


Thankyou Anna,

For a lovely reading and there was a lot that you told me I could relate to, I also asked you about our lost Cat that we hadn’t seen for 5 yrs and you told me someone would contact us, The next week we had a phone call to say the Vet has our Cat.

I will certainly recommend you and will be back for another reading next year.



Howard Brisbane, Australia


There is no words to describe the insight and information I received from a reading with Anna so precise and accurate.  I am completely blown away book with her you wont be disappointed.


VK - Ongoing customer Sydney, Australia

L. 🙂

Thanks so much for the reading you were spot on and felt relaxed and comfortable and open to what you telling me. Love and light


L. 🙂 Australia


I have psychic readings from time to time but this was the first time I had a reading online. I am very pleased that I found Anna as she certainly highlighted and validated the current situation I am experiencing. The reading proved to be very accurate, especially the timeframes specified. It all makes sense and has certainly clarified where and when circumstances started changing. I never disclosed anything to Anna prior to receiving the initial reading from her. A number of issues were highlighted in this reading and these were validated as the reading progressed to the end.

Anna, I must thank you for this reading as it was spot on and makes me feel more comfortable going forward.

I wish you all the best in the future and will stay in touch. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who finds themselves looking for answers to what is happening in their lives.


Keith Brisbane, Australia


So I had a reading last week with Anna. I've had a few readings done in the past with different readers. so I was being very reserved with what I was getting with anna as I wasn't sure how good her abilities actually were. When she gave me the name of my grandma and the fact that I see butterflies constantly, which are signs from my mum I was blown away. Anna was amazing and was very happy with the reading. She has given me some predictions so I will happily repost another feedback when it unfolds. Thanks Anna xo


Lauren Australia


Thank you so much for your lovely reading. It was amazing.

The information provided were so spot on, very detailed and definitely helped me in finding clarity for my situation.


LD Australia

D Wright

Within 24hrs of having a reading with Anna, one of her predictions started to manifest. Short story is, the cost of a large business acquisition I have been working on for months fell inline with her prediction.

I knew she on the money when she picked my profession within 15mins of being on the phone. There were other points throughout the call where she validated her reading for me.

She was also across where my current relationship was at, and gave me practical advice around how I can improve the current situation and address my partners reservations in progressing the relationship further. Anna also gave me a timeline as to when the "up and down" nature of our relationship would calm down.

Without a doubt I will be using Anna's services in future.


D Wright Brisbane

Sarah C

Anna is a truly spectacular Psychic Medium reader. I have booked many sessions with her and will continue to do so.

Her reading ability is profound. In my booked sessions I find I don't need to ask her questions on what I want to know, as she answers them before I even ask. 

Many of her predictions have come to life and so I find myself ticking them off my list.

As they unfold I find this most exciting. Her readings cover many topics as I find she delves deep and so incredibly detailed. I have had readings in the past, but they don't even come close to the ones I have with Anna.

Her phone sessions are delightful, insightful and spiritual. Her warm energy and enthusiasm come through when we speak on the telephone.

If you haven't already had a session with her then you are missing out.

Highly recommend.


Sarah C Brisbane, Australia


I've had two readings with Anna, one via fb messenger and one over the phone. Both I must say we're very accurate as I didn't have to say a thing before she went into the reading. I loved how supportive and in tune she is. She was honest and uplifting at the same time. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thank you Anna, you are an absolute godsend.


L.S. Australia


My name is Vicki..and live in Brisbane...i just had a reading by Anna Cosentino, who is very amazing. It was a photo-text reading.. the accuracy of this person in the reading was so spot on..i would love to recommend her to anyone looking for answers...


Vicki Brisbane, Australia


This would be my second reading with Anna and it was no different from the on!  Without any leads, she picked on my precise experiences and was able to offer very helpful guidance.

There is also a very kind and warm feeling that emanates from her which always makes me feel safe during the reading.  I recommend her highly to everyone.


O.E. Nigeria


Anna's gift is truly amazing.. Her guidance has given me much clarity and reassurance and I always feel positive after a reading with her. She has delved into issues that no one else knew about and her accuracy is phenomenal. She describes events and people with great detail and has no background knowledge prior to a reading. Anna has done several text readings for me and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking direction. Thank you Anna- you are an amazing person with a beautiful gift.


Lisa Brisbane, Australia


Anna has read for me several times and each time I was very impressed by her accuracy.  She is insightful, caring and non-judgemental.  I would definitely recommend Anna for a psychic reading.


Anonymous Brisbane, Australia


I received a reading from you last night. I just wanted to email to tell you how much your reading has made feel since the phone call. What you told me was exactly what I long to hear, the details were on spot and gave me a great deal of relief. This morning I woke up feeling different, lighter like the burden has been lifted. I was a bit shocked when you mention certain people through my energy that I was surprised you mention cause I never told you a single detail about my life. Your reading last night as put me at peace within myself and I want to thank you for that. I was sceptical at first but your reading put my worries to rest. Thank you so much – thank you so much, I will be coming back for more guidance and I will be telling my family and friends too. Until next time once again a big THANK YOU Anna.


Anonymous Australia


My text reading today was unbelievable. I was blown away in the first message! I have had many readings and this certainly would have been one of the best. You mentioned things that no-one would be able to guess. Giving initials and names was an added bonus.

You honed in on things I wanted to know about without even being asked. I can’t recommend you highly enough. You have such a wonderful gift and you’re a lovely person.


Anonymous Gold Coast, Australia


In my life time I have seen a couple of very gifted clairvoyants but in all honesty none of them come close to Anna's extra -ordinary gift. Without any information at all from me, she was 100% percent accurately spot on on several issues, even able to tune in to what I was eating at the moment and where I worked! Simply amazing...

Needless to say, her insights dissolved age-long anxieties and gave me lots of confirmation about what I had already sensed in several respects. It was the best reading l've ever had to say the least.

There is a lot of light and lightness to be sensed about her person and this made me feel very safe with her during the reading, not to mention the kindness and love in her voice.

So glad I found her during a random online search!

Thanks Anna...keep the light aflame!


Anonymous Nigeria


Wow. I was dumbfounded at exactly how spot on the money Anna was!

Things she said, were things no one else could have known!

I got a lot of insight and questions answered.

Thank you so much. I can't explain just how much you've helped me tonight.

I'll be back in touch with you soon, definitely xo


Mandi Australia


Thank you so much for my reading Anna! It was such a delight to make a connection with you within a span of 30 minutes. You were very in-tune, insightful, caring, compassionate and had a strong ability to grasp the current energy around me and let me know what I needed to hear. I would strongly recommend anyone to Anna that needs guidance and clarity. I will be in contact with you in the future.


Carla Australia


Once again Anna has impressed me with her gift. Her accuracy regarding events, names and specific issues in my life astounded me.

Not only is she gifted but a very caring individual sensitive to her clients difficulties and questions. She is generous with her time and at all times totally professional and respectful.

If you seek more clarity she is the perfect one to call on.


Lyn Brisbane


I came across Anna and through emails I quickly felt confident to make an appointment for a phone reading and Sent her my photo

Anna was very thorough and took plenty of time to share a great deal with me. A number of things she spoke of have since come to fruition and whenever I re-read my notes I find other smaller things have either fallen into place or have taken on a new meaning. I found it quite informative helpful having someone bring a different perspective to my life path.

Anna didn't race me off the phone, and even went over the allotted time. She spoke calmly and clearly throughout the appointment being very professional, compassionate and sensitive throughout

I would recommend her if you are  seeking more clarity or understanding or simply seeking advice on the best way forward if you are facing choices.


LT Australia


I had a reading today by Anna through a text message. I couldn't believe how accurate she was and the things that she knew. I only sent pictures through to her and she was spot on with everything. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone that needs clarity and guidance.


Rebecca Brisbane, Australia


I sought out Anna because I had read several good reviews online about her abilities and how she had helped others. I am currently at a crossroads in my life so it is a very difficult time, I have some big decisions to make and was very confused. Anna delivered me the exact things I needed to hear in order for me to make my decisions. She was spot on with past issues and knew what I was currently going through. She was able to point out key people that were affecting me the most; without me giving her anything to go on. She is very compassionate and told me all the things she felt I needed to hear even though it went over the time I paid for. I walked away feeling empowered with the information and clarity I needed at the time. Thank you Anna.


Daniel Australia


I had a reading from Anna last night she was very accurate and picked names of people I know and some things that have happened. She also said a lot I can really relate to I felt very pleased with the reading I got. Thanks Anna


FF Brisbane, Australia


I received an accurate and insightful reading of a psychic nature by Anna Cosentino.

It was intuitive of where I am in my life at the moment and was perceptive of changes to occur in my current situation and future.

I would not hesitate to seek guidance from Anna Cosentino in the future.


Faye Toowoomba, Australia


Anna was really sweet it was amazing just off three photos how much she knew about me I felt that she had read my journal and everything that I was thinking about on the day in my head she had told me it was quite amazing Thanks Anna


Cassie Australia


This is the first time I look for Psychic Guidance online and thankfully I found Anna!! Thank you so much Anna and I really appreciate your reading for me today! Your reading was all true. You have enlightened my day in this period of hard times. Anna’s reading was 100% accurate, direct and genuine. I have not told Anna anything but she is able to feel my energy via phone and tell me everything (everything) about my situation. Her supernatural ability is strong and purely unbelievable! If you feel stuck in your life, book in a reading session with Anna. Highly recommended


I wish you all the best and will be in touch in the future..


Jaymeeo Australia


I've recently had a medium/reading done by the amazing Anna. She tuned into 3 loved ones that have all passed. They all came through at the same time & it was an incredible experience and I recommend to anyone to give it a go. It seems our loved ones are much the same on the other side & they are content. It gave me so much joy in knowing that they are all ok. All the readings I have had from Anna have been 110%. She is truly gifted!


Kezanne Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, Australia


I have really, really appreciated Anna's abilities and guidance. She has confirmed for me and told me things as if she has opened up my brain and my heart to see exactly what questions I had and confirmed thoughts I have had. I am very grateful to her for confirming things for me especially at a time in my life when I was surrounded by untruths and needed truth revealed and it was! She is very professional, ethical, and articulately conveys messages. I also felt very respected by her when she spoke with me and answered all of my questions patiently. Thank you Anna for your "spot on" knowledge and guidance!


JB Australia


Anna is amazing. I had a reading just randomly just recently and the accuracy of her insights and energy flows around my life, family, friends and events and actions that need to considered blew me away. Cant recommend Anna highly enough to get that insight and comfort confidence to move forward with advice and support from loved ones on other side.


Peter Queensland, Australia


I had a reading with Anna on the weekend and all I can say is WOW. Anna described situations and people accurately she also provided me with a great deal of comfort. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Anna to anyone. I look forward to my next reading. Thank you Anna xx


Maria Australia


Anna is amazing. Her gift is truly incredible and she absolutely hit the nail on the head with me. She told me things that I was feeling and had never really articulated and absolutely was 100% accurate. My reading was done via text message and was insightful and deep. I highly recommend her abilities. Thank you Anna.


Lisa Brisbane, Australia


OMG !!! Anna is my go to girl as she is so accurate with information it blows your mind !!! Not only was she very specific about people and information but also gave extra insight and knowledge that we could not see. This was all done over facebook messenger and from a long distance as I am on the other side of Australia. She delivers with such love and compassion, a beautiful if you are looking for guidance Anna is your girl ! She is amazing, a true Angel !!!


Karen Perth WA

Sarah C

I have had the privilege to have had a number of Psychic Medium readings via Facebook Private Text Messaging by Anna and I always come to the same conclusion, her readings are EXTRAORDINARY. Her readings are incredibly descriptive and accurate on past present and future events.Her readings are from the heart and will make you want to reach for the stars. Words are simply not enough to describe her Psychic Medium abilities, she is BOOMCHICAWOWWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah C Australia


I recently had a reading from Anna and was very impressed by her accuracy and insight. She picked up on my current circumstances and was able to give me guidance. I would definitely recommend Anna for a psychic reading.


Maureen Brisbane, Australia


Living in the United States I am able to get readings by Anna through private messaging on Facebook. You might think that this would take something away from the actual reading, it does not! Anna still channels the spirit of my mother who has been gone now for over 20 years, it is an invaluable and comforting experience. Thank you Anna!

As part of this reading Anna asked if I owned a sweater from my mother and I said my mother lived in a tropical climate..she then advised my mother kept on referencing a sweater. I was understandably puzzled. Today as I was cleaning out a tote and found the t shirt I own of my mothers -- sandwiched between two sweaters! Incredible!


Lori United States


Thank you Anna. At first I thought psychic readings were going to tell me my future, but what you showed me instead was the future I can make for myself. Anna gave me some readings via phone text weeks ago. She is a amazing reader that pointed out some issues that I'm facing in my life. Now I know exactly what I have to do to achieve my life goals and make my life worthwhile and happy. I now think things positively. I believe if you have any concern about working , family or money , you will get very good guidance from Anna.


Shunlin Brisbane, Australia


Anna has given me a few mini readings with accurate details over private message using messenger. She has connected with people who have passed over to predicting my future. Anna is kind and loving in her delivery. I recommend Anna if you are seeking connection or guidance.


Karen Western Australia


Anna is real deal and very accurate.. What she said is currently happening, which amazed me..She is such a lovely lady and good guide.


Victoria Australia

Jason R

Hi, I had a text reading from Anna and she was great! She described alot about myself and loved ones. Definitely recommend her!


Jason R Brisbane, Australia


I was simply amazed & astounded by what Anna told me in my recent reading with her, as there were many things she talked about that I've told no one about but she knew... I was totally gob-smacked!! I found her very genuine & sincere & I will definitely be recommending her to my friends!!!!


Giselle Carseldine, Brisbane, Australia


I chose Facebook messaging with Anna it was so easy and her reading was spot on she talked of my past and also my future. Anna is very gifted, I would strongly recommend her! I'm from Brisbane Thanks Anna


Hugo Australia


Experience was incredible. I chose a text reading. Definitely gifted.


Melissa Australia


I had a psychic reading by Anna last night. And WOW when she reads for you - you immediately understand the depth of her gift. The details and the accuracy she gave me can only be garnered from above. I remain in awe of her and her talent. And am thankful she is only a phone call away.


Lori United States

Jenny J

I've been going to Anna for a number of years and won't go anywhere else because Anna is very accurate about my current and future events. Anna has an uncanny knack for picking up events that are troubling me at the time of my reading and describes events that recently occurred to validate to me that what she is reading is accurate. I tell her nothing at all and yet each time she immediately and with amazing accuracy identifies the events, the gender of the people, their motivations and even their names. After building this foundation, Anna then provides me with guidance on the future by describing events, people's behaviour/motivation and my actions and outlook. All of this without me saying one word to her - Amazing! I'm so grateful for her help, insight and information that has helped me deal with very challenging and uncomfortable situations with people I work with. Anna also includes guidance on my health, fortune, employment and happiness as she sees them during the reading. All have been accurate. Anna's abilities include providing psychic guidance over the telephone or via sms text messages. Again, without me saying or sending any information to her. If you're looking for an authentic, genuine, true psychic - book an appointment with Anna, you won't be disappointed!


Jenny J Canberra, Australia


So accurate even though this was all done through facebook private message!

Shes straight to the point and she knows what she is doing. She's super nice too. 🙂

Love ya Anna.


Jirami The Philippines


Anna is the real deal. I've had many readings done by Anna & her accuracy, honesty & kindness is absolutely incredible. She has the ability to look deep within & uncover many things. She has helped me so very much to understand more & more about myself & my family & even people that I am simple acquaintances with & just knows things that no one else knows. I highly recommend anyone out there to connect with Anna Cosentino & allow her to read for you as you will not be disappointed. I will always be grateful to her for amazingly accurate & in-depth readings & the way in which we have connected & will forever continue to have her read for me.


Kezanne Kangaroo Flat, Victoria


I have had several readings by Anna Cosentino. I am a returning customer because her readings have proven to be the most accurate I have received by any psychic. She is direct, honest, and forthcoming: picking up any concerns I have had about family, work, friends, health issues (and more) many times before I stated my question/concern.

I will continue to utilize Anna for any concerns I may have in the future. If you have not utilized her services, I would highly recommend her and I certainly look forward to many more readings from her.


Lori United States of America


Anna did a reading for me last week before I was to travel on business. She advised me to check my tires as she could see someone that was going to have a flat tire. I checked over my tires, filled up my spare and was good to go! 1) at the meeting, the transporting limo service advised me they had a flat tire and that's not all; 2) my daughter just called from college....she has a flat tire! If you haven't scheduled a reading from Anna - I would highly recommend her!


Lori United States of America


I do not have the words to explain what Anna Cosentino told me! She really has the ability to tune in with people. Normally i'm very sceptic about these things but if you set yourself open to it she can touch things you can't imagine!! Keep up the good work Anna and try to help as many people as you can.. You are truely gifted.


Mark Netherlands


Anna Cosentino your abilities are amazing and spot on! You gave me a msg today that for years I have wondered about and felt bad that I never got to say good bye. Thank you for being so amazingly gifted you are truly a wonderful soul.


Angelica Brisbane, Queensland


I am very skeptical when it comes to psychic abilities of others. As I began to speak with Anna I offered no information and my answers were limited and minimal. She told me so much about myself that I felt like she knew me better than I know myself. Still....I was skeptical until she confirmed the presence of my late grandmother and uncle. No way could she have known my connection with either of them nor their names. She was eerily correct. I had previously had a reading by a professional and the experience was nothing like the one with Anna. She is truly gifted. 💛


Karen United States of America


It was somewhere towards middle of the year that I had a long chat with Anna, sharing my issues I was going thru, with her. She hit the nail on the wall while I was sharing. She seems to know.

The rest is history...

Just be relax..keep an open mind while sharing with her. 😊


Nora Singapore


Anna Cosentino is a absolutely brilliant, Skilled and exceptional psychic medium. Things she knew about me without telling her so, is really unbelievable and accurate. She do it indeed well and anyone seeking answers, guidance and strength than she's one.


Vishi India


My session with Anna Cosentino was a truly wonderful experience and it helped me greatly. Her Positive reinforcement of what is currently going on and about to take off melted my heart. Her abilities are a truly amazing gift!


Michele New York


Anna is a spirited, talented and gifted psychic medium. My readings with her (by text) were direct and accurate.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking answers, guidance and truth. She is Amazing!


Lori United States of America


I've just been totally blown away! You're ability amazes me. You knew so many things about my life and my family and what I go through. You were so incredibly accurate with your reading to the point where it was a bit freaky. It's like you were in my head!!! Don't ever doubt yourself or your abilities Anna Cosentino because you truly have a gift. Much love and thanks to you!



Kezanne Kangaroo Flat, Victoria


Thank you Anna Cosentino for enlighting me and guiding me to be aware of my weaknesses and acknowledge my inner strengths. Thank you so much for the deep soul reading! She's amazing to read people who live thousands of km's away, I'm from Quebec Canada, and the reading is right on!


Rex Quebec Canada


Anna thank you so much for my reading on 7 September 2015 it was amazing you were spot on with so many things about me what makes it even more amazing is the fact i live in Scotland and your based in Australia and you were able to connect with me so easily Anna you rock and are a lovely lady i would indeed highly recommend you once again thank you so much love and light from Helen Watson Glasgow Scotland xxx


Helen Glasgow Scotland


Oh my word Anna Cosentino , I really did not expect this reading to be so accurate but it sure was, it was spot on like you've known me like forever & I've only met you last week. Thank You so much for my reading much appreciated , I'm Suzanne Drouin Victor Cyr from Kap Ontario Kapuskasing and I say try it you won't be disappointed !


Suzanne Canada

Monsur Choudhury

Anna Cosentino has done a reading for me, where she 100% accurately described my personality, identified my problems and gave helpful advice to overcome my difficulties. I recommend her for this noble work!


Monsur Choudhury London, UK.


Wow!!! I just had a reading from Anna Cosentino and I am simply amazed at the accuracy of her psychic insight!! She ably picked up on aspects of myself that most people are totally oblivious to! From deeply hidden childhood memories, to my current love interest, and even my favorite!! 😀 If you are in search of a psychic medium, look no further!! She is sweet, loving, professional, and truly gifted. Don't wait! Schedule with her today!


Thomas Virginia, USA